The is room was converted to a library and now has a collection of over 600 manuscripts and xylographs which were collected over many generations by different members of the family. While most of the collection belongs to the Nyingmapa (Ancients) tradition of Buddhism, there is a good representation of most other Tibetan Buddhist schools.

The entire collection has been indexed and catalogued. A catalogue of the library has been published by S.G. Karmay in 2003 (S.G. Karmay, 2003. The Diamond Isle, a catalogue of Buddhist writings in the library of Ogyen Choeling, Bhutan, Heft 56. Arbeitskreis fuer Tibetische und Buddhistische Studien, Universitaet Wien). Dr. Karma Phunthsho of Cambridge undertook the project to digitalize at the materials. Texts and manuscripts (original or in digital form) in the catalogue are available on request to interested scholars.

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