Living Spaces and Memories by Kunzang Choden. (Chapter 5 from A Manor in Central Bhutan by K. Choden and D.C. Roder. Published by Riyang Books, 2012.

Log sar celebration: the significance of food in the noble and religious family of O rgyan chos gling (central Bhutan) Kunzang Choden, 2005. Paper published in (J Ardusi & F Pommaret, eds.) Proceedings of the XIth IATS Oxford 2003, Brill Leyden 2005.

Estate and Deities: A ritual from central Bhutan. The Bskang Gso of O Rgyan Chos Gling. F. Pommaret. 2003, in Proceedings of the Tenth Seminar of the IATS, Volume 5-compressed

Dorje Lingpa and his rediscovery of the "gold needle" in Bhutan Samten G Karmay

Ogyen Choling Foundation: The picture of ancient Bhutan and family pride By Tshering Dorji

The Messed Up Books (Pecha trok wa la). A personal recollection of Samten G. Karmay and the O rgyan chos gling catalogue (Bhutan), in Revue d'Etudes Tibétaines - numéro 14 - Octobre 2008 TIBETAN STUDIES

Article on Ogyen Choling by Atlas Obscura, an online magazine and travel company

Information on Ogyen Choling Museum on Bhutan Cultural Atlas. The Bhutan Cultural Atlas is a UNESCO cultural mapping initiative to preserve the world’s intangible and tangible assets.

Time-Travelling in Bhutan: The Road to Ogyen Choling. (National Geogrpahic Traveller, India)

The digital documentation of manuscripts at Drametse and Ogyen Choling (EAP105) (The British Library)

The perfect village life: At Ogyen Choling, Bumthang. (By newagexplorer)

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